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Micro Mystikal

Beat Circuit

"Micro Mystikal" opens with a happy introduction that creates a positive approach to the song. After the build-up, the song drops with some dubstep wobbles that resemble artists like Rusko and Datsik."


Mistah Nerf

"Mistah Nerf has never hit harder than on this album. The music on "Bassline" arcs from atmospheric orchestrations to dramatic build so well and delivers so many massive drops, that by the time it arrives you are just about ready to explode."


Mistah Nerf

"Mistah Nerf has just dropped his latest album, “Mistah Nerf – RMX2”. Fourteen worldwide megahits remixed into energetic House and Dubstep styles. I love albums where you can consistently hear new things in the music each time you listen to it, and this is one of those albums. It has the usual synth sounds, 8-bit sounds, ever changing drum beats, solid bass, weird unidentifiable sounds, and I particularly like how all this is used over our favorite tunes."



"YEG.DJ’s Remix Project is an eruption of styles and genres including Techno, Reggae, Salsa, Dancehall, Moombahton, and Soca. His beat matching, blending, and original mixing flair give the remixes an extremely high quotient of danceability and great sound quality."

New Releases

YEG.DJ - RMX1 Mistah Nerf  
Bassline Mistah Nerf  
Micro Mystikal Mistah Nerf  
International Mistah Nerf  
RMX 2 Mistah Nerf  

Music Video

"Love with no boundaries, dream without fear, and live for the NOW"

- Underground Dance Music

Latest News & Events

February 20, 2014 Sgt. Remo Japan Tour Kumamoto City April 12 2014 @ One Drop

Sgt Remo from Mexico

レゲエシンガーSgt. Remo(サージェント・リーモ)はメキシコのCiudad Juarez(シウダー・フアレス)で生まれ、アメリカに移民。


2001年にアメリカ、テキサス州のレゲエ・ヒップホップグループEmpire Soundz Crewとの活動を始める。

2004年にアメリカ、ニューメキシコ州のレゲエグループBrotherhood Sound Systemと活動を継続。そこで、レゲエアーティストMister Kali(ミスター・カリ)と活動し始めた。

Black! Featuring Beat Circuit & Sgt Remo Fukuoka Japan and presents...

Beat Circuit and Sgt. Remo at Club Cream Fukuoka Japan

Cream and Beats 4 DJS Records - Underground Dance Music UDM Presents,<


Good mix! You're awesome! Best Filipino EDM producer!
- JacksonPackz, April 7, 2014
Damn bro got to say this makes me want to down a few drinks and hop on stage and twerk it
- Jessica Sweetgeek Ducky, April 7, 2014


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